DMR streaming server in the south of Johannesburg, Bassonia, South Africa (ZR6AIC)

This is DMR streaming server monitoring a local DMR repeater on 438.225Mhz and is streaming both audio channels. (Channels WWW and DMR-VER)
This server is operated by Anton Janovsky.
This DMR repeater can be monitored on this webSDR

If you don't hear anything it is probably because no one is talking and there is about a 30 second delay.
1) DMR on Winamp
2) DMR on VLC
3) DMR on Chrome browser

If the player below does not start automatically you could try the links above.

Here is the Last station that was herd on this DMR system.(update every 5min)

If you need more information or need to give me feedback you can send me a message here.
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